Air traffic Control has been established to offer airports of all sizes a comprehensive, yet economical consultancy service with the specific objective of helping organisations minimise their costs whilst offering increasing levels of customer service.

In an ever increasingly cost orientated market our unique solutions can offer significant cost effective savings to organisations of all sizes.

We utilise the services of a number of highly experienced consultants with a vast wealth of worldwide experience in all sectors of Air Traffic Management and airport operations. We have recently expanded our service to airport management to include advice on how to utilise web services and social media to drive ancillary revenues.

Our team of consultants have the following wealth of experience

Managing directors at airports worldwide
UK Civil Aviation Authority Inspectors
ANSP Safety Managers
Heads of Air Traffic Control Operations and Procedures Departments
Heads of Air Traffic Control Training
Head of Airport Operations
Experienced website designers and social media experts
Managing directors of airport ancillary based companies

For many services we offer a no fee initial consultation report. We will audit your organisation to look for areas where efficiency can be increased and costs can be maintained or reduced. We do not believe in taking payment for the initial consultation. Our fees will be based either on a percentage of the savings, or additional income that you make, or from a pre agreed target level of service or efficiency that is agreed at the time of contract. We believe that this is a win, win situation and lowers the risk to the customer. You only pay fees if we keep our promise to improve your efficiency.

Examples of how we can improve your Air Traffic Management operation

  • We audit your procedures to identify methods of increasing efficiency. This may include the introduction on new cutting edge technology to maintain or reduce staff costs, identifying revised procedures to reduce coordination and workload and therefore improve efficiency.
  • We audit your roster patterns to identify areas where staffing efficieny can be increased
  • Training resources. We demonstrate how it may be more cost effective to contract out various aspects of your training needs including the mandatory ATC emergency training (TRUCE requirements). We are able to provide various web based modules with automatic assessment and marking report generation to reduce your workforce workload.
  • ATC Operations. We will demonstrate methods of outsourcing your administration requirements including the generation of ATCSI’s, dissemination of all regulatory notices, Audits etc.
  • Safety Management Systems. We can offer cost effective solutions to reduce your overall resource spend on safety management including the outsourcing of safety incident investigation, audits and reporting.
  • ANSP staffing. We can offer various staffing solutions and outsourcing to reduce your overall staffing costs. Does your traffic patterns dictate that you have busy peak season and long off season lull periods? We have a number of current Licensed ATC staff members looking for only part time employment who may be able to help. Why staff up annually with figures based on your busiest weeks, when in reality part time staff could cover for short periods meaning annual savings.
  • Wind Farm consultation process. We offer a service for both airports and Wind Farm developers in assessing the impact on airport operations and offering cost effective solutions, or mediation to ensure an amicable solution to potential conflict.